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Traveling to Art Print Residence
We know arriving into a foreign- er country can be a little disori- enting, that’s why all the travel experts recommend you to have prepared, at least, the way to ar- rive to your destiny point (hotel, pension or in these case residency) before to start your journey. In some cases urban transport can be a little bit tricky and the taxi rates are not that cheap. In these sec-
tion we show you the best ways to arrive to our residency so you can and of course, so you won’t have to worry working out how to match the different transports.


Barcelona – (El Prat) 40 km
Girona – (Vilobí d’Onyar) 50 km

Once you arrive to train station

Even though the nearest train Station to Art Print Residence is Arenys de Mar, we are located 3km away in the neighbor town Arenys de Munt. To get to your destina- tion you can either: – Take a Taxi There is a 24h taxi service next to the train station (parking place). If there is no taxi cars park.  We’ll be glad to pick you up! You can contact us via whatsapp 34+672416404 or calling us 34+937938397

C-32 Highway (Barcelona-Mataró-Palafolls), exit 109 coming from Barcelona
or 111 from Girona, direction to Arenys de Munt.

From France: AP-7 Highway (La Jonquera-Barcelona) exit 11 Sant Celoni, direction to Arenys de Munt.

GPS 41 º 35 ‘41.07 “N 2 ° 32’ 41.89”