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 Printmaking workshops

Art Print residence

We will be offering a variety of printmaking workshops for individuals or small groups. Our instructors, all Master printers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, will be your resources in exploring a range of new techniques. Join us for these exciting courses and explore the ever expanding world of printmaking!

Intaglio processes

Intaglio Printmaking refers to a printing method in which the printing elements are all below the plate surface, having been cut, scratched, engraved, or etched into the plate.

We offer offer Introductory and Intermediate Courses in different forms of Intaglio Printmaking

First steps in engraving

This is a course ideal for complete beginners who wants to learn step by step all the printmaking process.

Etching with chine colle

Chine collé can be used in contemporary printmaking adhering a thin paper under the ink during printing. As a result we obtain a richer image in textures and chromatics.

Soft ground

You can develop a composition through line, texture and tone by etching a copper plate. The artist draws on a piece of paper and when the paper is lifted, it removes the wax where the pencil pressed. We will show you how to make imprints of other things besides a pencil, like leaves or lace.

Engraving on copper plates, multiple plates, colour printing and other advanced techniques

The aim of this course is to improve and perfect the previous knowledge about printing to create wonderful prints.

Mezzotint on copper plate

Mezzotint is a direct technique where a metal plate is indented so that it prints solid black. Mid-tones and highlights are then scraped and burnished back into the plate to create the image. This is a non toxic technique.


First steps in etching (hard ground)

We can draw through a hard wax that coats the plate. Hard ground lines are usually thin, wiry, and blunt at the ends.

Engraving through direct techniques on copper plates

Dry points are created by using a steel tip to scratch the surface of the metal. Drypoint is done without acid, drawing directly on a copper plate.


Engraving on plastic

We will be experimenting with a number of direct tools: punches, scrapers and other tools to scratch the surface, combined with electric tools to etch to create the plastic plates. We will not be using acids in this course.



Aquatint is used for making tones and is composed of fine particles of rosin.

Sugar lift aquatint

This technique allows to draw directly on the plate using brushes or other tools, keeping the thickness and fluidity of line. This method give rise to spontaneous and varied results.


Aquatint variations
Tonner aquatint

The toner powder creates a microdot pattern like an irregular grid. This technique consists on manual creation of watercolors with brush, to get a wide range of tones, textures and shadows.


Soap ground

This course brings us to one of the slopes of the aquatint technique which involves drawing the image on the plate with soap to get variations of tonal values, at once, from the clearest to darkest.

Transfering images on copper plates

We can use the images of the copier and transfer them in to a copper plate to be printed by traditional intaglio techniques.


Spit bite aquatint

We can show you how you can bite the plate unevenly, by painting with acid over the plate surface.



Photoetching is a technique that allows the transfer of photographic images onto a photopolymer plate. With the advances in digital technology now is easier preparing images for printing by using the computer. We will help you exploring new ways of using images and how to work with this exciting technique.

Engraving with photopolymer, manual processes
Photographic image on photopolymer plates



Intaglio printing processes

Ideal for complete beginners as well as the artists who wants to refresh their previous knowledge in printing.

Basic intaglio printing
Color and double intaglio printing
Chine colle


Woodcut and wood engraving

Woodcut is a non toxic process and we can show you how to work with different kind of wood and many different tools. You can also work on large size!

Large format Woodcut
Woodcut with a mobile plates
Wood engraving


No toxic processes Collagraph


Carborundum on plastic

Carborundum printmaking is a collagraph process in which the image is created on the plate by painting an abrasive grit.

Caollagraph  processes

A print made from a variety of textures and shapes gived to a printing plate like a “collage”.



Monoprinting is a free form of printmaking that results in a “one of a kind” or unique image, as opposed to the creation of a reproduced edition or multiple originals. Monoprints have traditionally been created using a copper plate, but in contemporary works you can also use other materials.

Monotype and monoprint

You can create a single print made by drawing into ink or paint.

Wax water soluble and watercolour monoprint

The target of this workshop is to develop printed images using watercolor monoprinting transfer techniques.


Artist’s books

This course is aimed to explore the concept of a book as a work of art, as a unique work and as a limited edition.

Participants will get an overview of different ways to approach and implement a project to produce an artist book. Each student can make their own book using monoprint techniques to create images.

jordi-curs-estiuJordi Rosés is a printmaker and master printer. Currently they lead the workshop and publishing of “Edicions Murtra” and a residence for artists called “Art Print Residence” in Arenys de Munt.
Jordi Rosés is author of manuals named “El Gravat” and “Prova d’estat”. He worked as an expert and developed the program “Certificate of professionalism in intaglio and woodcut” for the Ministry of Labour. Pilar Lloret developed “Professional certificates in intaglio stamping and engraving”.
They were founders and coordinators for ten years of “International Summer School of Printmaking” in Calella. For 14 years they are teaching courses of engraving for Culture Patronat in Mataró. Since 12 years they work with Joan Miró Foundation in Palma de Mallorca, as consultants and providing various courses in engraving. Also they taught courses in Lavoratorio Piranesi engraving of Sermonetta Italy, the course “Beyond the Plate Etched” in Whitehorse by Yukon Arts Society, Canada, among others.